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Ken Pringle

Chucklemonkey Productions
Los Angeles, California
"I’ve been on television, in commercials, and played in comedy shows across the country," Ken likes to say, "yet somehow, I seem to be best known for work I can do while wearing a bathrobe." A professional stand-up comedian, Ken Pringle made a name for himself on a very different stage - the World Wide Web. The creator of the wildly popular comedy website Chucklemonkey.com, Ken has become the unlikely voice for a new generation of comedians, and a pioneer in a rapidly changing industry. With a readership of over 30,000 amateur and professional comedians around the world - as well as comedy club owners, bookers, teachers, television producers, and a bevy of other entertainment industry executives - Chucklemonkey.com has become a vital career component in the world of comedy, with its databases of comedy clubs, open mics and festivals, as well as an ever-growing library of articles, essays, and interviews with top industry professionals - all geared towards teaching comedians how to build, grow, and maintain their careers in the business of comedy. Of course, helping thousands of OTHER comedians launch their careers doesn’t mean that Ken’s own life - both personal and professional - is any simpler to handle. "Being an Internet celebrity is kinda like being king of the Morlocks;" Ken jokes in his act, "it’s sort of cool - but not in any way that’s ever going to get you laid." Ken’s quick wit and self-depreciating humor - as well as his small town experiences growing up in Juneau, AK - serve as a beacon for the trials and tribulations of the ’everyman’; a rallying cry for all the blue-collar average schlubs of the world. Ken is the quinnesential "guy next door"; a grown-up "big kid", he's the geek who still plays with toys in his 30s... the die-hard sports fan who's never actually played a sport that wasn't a video game... the standard "Generation X" child of the '80s who can quote every line from "Star Wars" - and is surprised when it doesn't impress the women around him. Like all of us real "other guys" that Hollywood has forgotten, Ken's comedy is a symbol for all of society's "Average Joes" who find solace in television, look nothing like the movie heroes they cheers for, and almost never manage to get the girl... but still believe that, somehow, success is never more than another beer away!